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The National Commission on Disability (NCD) plans on having more sensitization programmes based on the contents of the 2010 legislation – discussions with government agencies are being scheduled to put the plans in motion. This is according to a source attached to the NCD.It was revealed that based on the discussion with these agencies,Pat Elflein Vikings Jersey, an agreement would be made to embark on methods to sensitise the public on the contents of the Disability Act.“These sensitisation programmes are more likely to take the form of workshops through which the public will be equipped with the necessary information to help them to better understand their role in ensuring that persons with disabilities are treated as equal citizens.”“It is our responsibility to ensure that such persons are treated with respect and given the necessary opportunities to assist in the development of our society,” the source added.This newspaper was told that a number of government agencies including the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Human Services will work in partnership in relation to the programme.In addition, Private Sector organisations will be approached to join the effort.This publication was told that even though the Disability Commission has been in existence for a number of years, it was not empowered by the law to act on behalf of physically challenged persons.However this changed after the Disability Act was instituted in 2010.“It is under this statute that the commission can act as mediator on behalf of persons with disabilities.”Persons and organizations that register with the commission aid in the documentation process for future plans and decision-making.According to the source, the last known statistic on the amount of disabled persons was 48,000 persons,Ted Williams Red Sox Jersey, recorded in 2002, but that quantity has since grown and the commission is currently re-evaluating.Recently the Guyana Association for the Visually Impaired (GAVI) criticised the work being done by those in prominent positions and governmental organizations to enforce the law on disability. GAVI called for more to be done to enforce the disability legislation,The body claimed that the disabled are at a disadvantage, because the public is not aware or sensitized on the related issues.One of GAVI’s committee members, Andrew Greene,Paul Pogba Jersey, had stated that disabled persons have difficulties accessing jobs even though they have the necessary skills to function like any other person.? He had opined that if the law is imposed it will provide an equitable and level playing field in the social order for persons with disabilities.In a recent telephone interview, Minister of Human Services Jennifer Webster said her Ministry has been assisting the Disability Commission with the registration process.Webster said that probation officers would from time to time take note of the disabled persons while working in the fields and that they would “write down the information” that would then be forwarded to the commission.According to Webster, the information that is provided would assist in the application and payment of public assistance, with regards to persons with disabilities.The Minister told Kaieteur News that she is unaware of any specific plans by the commission since it falls directly under the Ministry of Health. However, she asserted that her Ministry will continue to partner with the commission on their various ventures.Shortly after its introduction in 2010, the NCD was tasked with the responsibility of sensitising the public on the new legislation. In recent times it had embarked on a number of activities.The commission has been actively involved in making the environment accessible to disabled persons by,Cheap Wake Forest Demon Deacons Jerseys, for instance, encouraging organisations to install ramps for persons with wheelchairs.According to the Act, within five years of its implementation, the Central Housing and Planning Authority shall publish and enforce building codes and guidelines for the construction and renovation of buildings,Pat Elflein Jersey, institutions,Authentic Brook Lopez Nets Jersey, establishments, or public utilities in order to allow barrier-free access to persons with disabilities.There are also stipulations which state that within 10 years of the implementation of this Act or a later date,Adam Lallana Jersey, the Minister may prescribe that the persons in charge of every national television station shall provide a sign language inset or subtitles in at least one newscast programme and special programmes covering events of national significance.It was also noted that the Commission may take appropriate legal action where it believes that a person, entity or establishment is engaged in a practice which is discriminatory under this Act. “An employer shall not deny a person with a disability, on the basis of the disability, access to opportunities for employment including open employment.”However, statistics revealed that 40 per cent of unemployed persons with disabilities have lost their job after becoming incapacitated, and nine per cent of unemployed persons with disabilities are qualified, skilled and able to work. (Rehanna Ramsay)
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